Left Hand Drive Cars in UK

Here we sell headlamp converters for Left Hand Drive (LHD) vehicles that have come over from Europe.

The ones we sell have English language fitting instructions inside (even though the outside of the pack is in French).

These are ideal anyone coming to England in a ‘European’ car that will dazzle drivers here because their headlight beam is pointing to the oncoming traffic.

Many people buy these to help get a foreign car through a UK MOT test.

Left Hand Drive Headlamp Beam Converters

Not Guaranteed MOT Pass

Ideally these converters are for short stays in the UK not for permanent use. That said many people have been able to get a car through the MOT using these.

Please beware though that some MOT testers have failed them, so we can't make any promises.

Headlamp beam deflectors for left hand drive

So if you are planning on bringing a European registered left hand drive car to the UK then you MUST get the headlight beam deflected.

Your car will not be road legal otherwise and it will invalidate your insurance. Apart from the illegality you may well cause an accident if you dazzle oncoming traffic when driving with your headlights on.